I’m a big music studio guy. Put me in a chair in front of lights and dials and faders and knobs, and I’m happier than Donald Trump reading a new Hillary emails headline. Although I’ve made a career out of writing scithemfi, my roots were in sound engineering, and it’s something I did successfully for a very long time – long enough to know that while studios can be intimidating, they can also be immensely beautiful spaces.

I used to do quite a bit of writing for professional audio magazines, including the wonderful MusicTech. Editor Andy Jones and his crew let me pump out some fun features for them over the years, and although I don’t do too much writing for them any more (thanks to a regular gig with The Master Switch) I still have a lot of love for them. For my money, they put out the best and most readable audio magazine on the planet.

Their Facebook game is on fire, too. They’ve known for a while the creative music spaces can be a lot of fun, and with the hashtag #showoffyourstudio, they made it easy for their audience to post beguiling photos of their workspaces. I’m a total junkie for it – you can find it here, but I’ve collected six of my favourite ones below. I’ve included the original captions and links, so you can see who took them. They are well worth checking out.

We’re in awe at this amazing shot of Skrillex mixing his Recess album in the acclaimed confines of the Strongroom London. We’d love to pop through for a visit one day…

Dana Sullivan sent us this shot of classy, well ordered studio setup featuring a range of great kit #showoffyourstudio #studiolife

A classic #showoffyourstudio submission from RE Neon, Love the lighting…#studiolife #producerlife

Another amazing shot from the studio of Sinisha Golemac. Words fail us – it’s absolutely spectacular! #showoffyourstudio #studiolife

Here’s the first of two shots of the studio of Mark Dwane, fantastic lighting and a jaw-dropping collection of hardware. #showoffyourstudio #studiolife

Do you think Grysza Em has enough acoustic treatment? #showoffyourstudio #studiolife#acoustics #producer #producerlife

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