Just a short post today, but oh man. My head is exploding right now.

We are three months, exactly, from the launch of ZERO-G, the sequel to TRACER. Orbit Books is releasing it on 21 Jan 2016 – it’ll be paperback in the UK, Australia and South Africa, and in ebook in North America. I am beyond excited. The reception to TRACER was absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait for you to step back inside Outer Earth.

So…the cover. I’ve seen it. It’s awesome. Orbit, and designer Nico Taylor, have outdone themselves. I can’t share it just yet – I have to wait until Orbit releases it officially, which is fair play, since they’re paying me a decent amount of money to write these things – but I can’t wait for you to see it.

Here’s the story. Riley’s back. Carver and Prakesh are back. Kev and Royo and Okwembu are all present and correct. But I’m not willing to say they’ll all make it out of this book intact. ZERO-G takes everything you loved about TRACER, and pushes it up to warp speed.


Riley Hale may be the newest member of Outer Earth’s law enforcement team, but she feels less in control than ever. A twisted doctor bent on revenge is blackmail ing her with a deadly threat. If Riley’s to survive, she must follow his orders, and break a dangerous prisoner out of jail.

But this isn’t just any prisoner – it’s the psychotic former council member who nearly brought the space station to its knees. To save her own skin, Riley must go against all her beliefs, and break every law that she’s just sworn to protect. 

Riley’s mission will get even tougher when all sectors are thrown into lock-down. A lethal virus has begun to spread through Outer Earth, and it seems little can stop it. If Riley doesn’t live long enough to help to find a cure, then the last members of the human race will perish along with her.


Preorder links:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon DE / B&N / iBooks / Google Play / Waterstones / Booktopia

Oh, and by the way, if you’d like an early peak at the book (along with some excellent Outer Earth-related goodies), then drop a comment below, or tweet me @robboffard, and tell me your favourite character from TRACER. I’ve still got one spot left on my early-access roster. Get at me.



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