This is the page for those who came to my talk on Creative Book Promotion, given art the Creative Ink Festival in March/April 2017. If that’s you: thank you for listening, and for your input!

I’ve included all the resources and articles I mentioned in the talk below. They’re all fantastic resources, and well worth reading.

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“In just over three hours, Miller sold 22 copies of her novel at $20 each (four dollars below list price) and collected email addresses from buyers, whom she’ll enter in a free raffle for another copy of Gadfly. She plans to use the Novelade Stand’s profits to purchase books for future promotions and will put any extra money toward a book tour she is planning for the fall, when she’ll visit Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee (all places she has been cultivating contacts), and the National High School Journalism Convention in San Antonio, TX.”

This Is What Creative Book Promotion Looks Like, Book Riot

“A copy of author Rob Boffard’s new book ‘Zero-G’ took a balloon flight to the stratosphere along with an audio recording of the first chapter — which was played during the flight.”

Book Ventures to the Edge of Space, With First Chapter Audio | Video

“You are not going to target “Everyone” or “Everyone who can read” or even “Everyone who can read in English and is over 18”. Of course people who can read are more likely to be interested in your book than people who don’t, but those are not practical target markets. They are far too broad to be meaningful.”

Do You Waste Time Marketing Your Book To The Wrong Readers?