Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a massive concept art fan. I also tend to post lots of concept art when I’m all written out and genuinely can’t be arsed to get on my high horse about a particular topic. That happened today. So yay! Concept art. Fortunately, it’s banging.

This is the first one caught my eye. Traditionally, I’ve seen a lot of Boba Fett art that makes him look quite clean and clinical. Not this guy. This guy looks like he just returned from a job that went bad. It lets you fill in the blanks in the story. Really dope piece from Gregory Vlasenko.

Anna Steinbauer calls this piece Seek The Wilds. A more apt title has never been given. I love the sense of scale and height that she puts in here. It also reminds me of a weird John Muir quote that has stuck with me: “Who has not felt the urge to throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence?”

I’d love to know what (or who) this dude is waiting for. Great, detailed piece by Spiros Karkavelas.

A lot of fantasy art can be really overdone. It’s either garish and eyeball searing, or just wildly impractical. Piotr Dura (ThreeDeee), a Polish artist, nailed this one. You don’t just want to know what this gate is, but you actively want to explore it. The best art immediately makes you think of storylines, and this is no exception.

I don’t know the artist’s real name, but he/she/they goes by Madcat. I don’t know why this piece creeps me out so much. It’s not just because it’s a dead person in the middle. A dead person with something glowing stuck through its forehead. It’s because the dead person is still alive.

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