Time for some big news.

Not only do I have news on the book coming next summer – which is an idea I’m so excited about that my head is going to pop right off my shoulders and go bouncing around the room like a loony pinball – but I also have a cover reveal for another book that is coming next year.

Yep – I’m dropping two things in one year. Why? Because fuck yeah, that’s why.

One of those things is a collection of previously-published books, squashed into one amazing single volume. The other is an entirely new book, set in an entirely new universe.

New Thing #1: Cover Launch!

What the hell is that?

The Outer Earth Boxset. Or at least, that’s what I call it. Its actual name is just Outer Earth, and it collects all three of the novels I’ve published so far – Tracer, Zero-G, and Impact – in one massive omnibus.

Orbit Books released that cover above today. It looks, frankly, bloody amazing. If you haven’t experienced my trilogy yet, it’s the perfect entry point.

Can I get an official blurb?

You sure can! Straight from the typewriter-smashing gremlins at Orbit Books headquarters…

Welcome to Outer Earth: a vivid, dangerous world where every day is a desperate struggle for survival. Who said in space no one can hear you scream?
Outer Earth is a huge space station orbiting the ruins of our planet. Dirty, overcrowded and inescapable, it’s humanity’s last refuge . . . and possibly its final resting place.
For there are dark forces at work on the station: forces that seek to unleash chaos. If they succeed, there will be nowhere left to run.
This omnibus edition contains all three of Rob Boffard’s adrenaline-fuelled Outer Earth novels: Tracer, Zero-G, and Impact.

Is there any new bonus material?

Unfortunately not – it’s a printing thing. The boxset/omnibus/giant word explosion is already 1072 words long, and adding more into it would just complicate things. This is a book that could kill you if it fell on you from a high shelf.

Side note: please don’t let that put you off buying it.

That isn’t to say I won’t be releasing some new shit online when it drops. Newsletter subscribers will get that first, by the way.

Does it include Echoes?

No, for the same reason as above. Fear not! Echoes (the short story collection set in the same universe) is still very much available, at a knockdown price.

Are you planning to retcon that awful, horrible, no-good, gut-wrenching, tear-jerking, amazing twist at the end of Impact, you bastard?

Again, no. Sorry. Your gut is on its own.

When is it out?

18 Feb 2018, worldwide, on bookshop shelves and on your ereader.

Can I preorder?

You sure can!

Amazon / B&N / Waterstones / Indigo Chapters

How can I spread the word?

Post about it on Twitter. (Facebook auto-share isn’t playing nice with my site, but I’m working to fix it. You can directly share the link on this page though!)

And as always, remember to leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Muchas gracias!



Wait, what?

That’s right, sports fans. An entirely new book from your boy, out in summer 2018. Never before seen. Entirely new universe. Unconnected to anything that came before.

What’s it called?


Sweet. And what’s it about?

I’ll let Orbit Books tell you that:

Set in the far reaches of space, ADRIFT is about a group of tourists who board a small vessel for a trip around Sigma Station – a remote space mining facility and luxury hotel. But when a mysterious ship attacks the station with devastating consequences, the tourists end up stranded in the depths of space, out of contact with civilisation and with no way home . . .

So you know how Riley, in the Outer Earth books, could kick some serious ass? How she was always capable and (kind of) in control? It’s the total opposite here. Nobody on this little tourist ship – from the bickering family to the elderly tourist with the fannypack to the honeymooning couple to the just-graduated tour guide – knows what the hell they’re doing. They are way, way, way out of their depth, and they’re going to have to work together if they’re going to have any chance of survival.

I had so much fun writing this. It was an idea that exploded into being fully-formed, and I couldn’t wait to give it a shot. You’re going to love it.

Is it done?

95%. Orbit’s Anna Jackson and I need to cogitate over some minor edits, and then we’re good.

When and where is it out? And is there a cover yet?!?

No cover yet – although I’ve had some chats with the publishing folk, and they’ve got some terrific ideas…

It’ll be out worldwide, in stores and digital, in June 2018.

Can I preorder?

Little too early for that – but you can bet I’ll be sharing that link around when I have it. As always, newsletter subscribers get it first – along with deleted scenes, exclusive artwork, cover concepts…the works.

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