News! Hot, fresh, steaming travel news! Soak it in. Bath in it. Take it home and marry it. Write it love poems and –

OK – too much. But I do have news.

This week, I’ll be in Seattle, and while I’m there, I plan to hit up some fantastic bookstores and sign stock of the Outer Earth series. Any and all books at the following three stores should (in theory) be signed by my fair hand by Friday.

The Elliott Bay Book Company

University Of Washington Bookstore

Third Place Books

I’ll post photos and social media nonsense after I drop by. Also bar bills, damage receipts, police reports, and anything else that results from my visit.

Also: there’s no short fiction review this week – I’m tight on time, so sadly it’s going to have to wait. But I will be doing one next week, when normal service resumes!

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