Short Fiction Icons

Short Fiction

Most of the time, I’m either making stuff up for novels or not making stuff up for journalism. In my downtime, I’ll spit out the occasional piece of short fiction. These are the ones that have been published so far.


Published in Hello Horror. There was something wrong with the stolen car. It wouldn’t stop pulling to the left. Every time Langa thought he’d got it under control, in the lane, with the steering wheel humming in his grip, he’d find it drifting over. On the edge of his… read more

One on one

Published at Fiction On The Web. Darius Mitchell was eating the last of his grilled cheese sandwich when the guard brought his visitor in. They didn’t usually allow food in the juvie’s visiting room, but Darius had been a model inmate. He got his sandwich…. read more


Published in Hello Horror Magazine. Jackie squatted in the prison yard, drawing symbols in the dust.   He was gripping a stick between his thumb and forefinger, gently laying down circles and ciphers and codes.  They’d become an endless spiral, swirling out… read more

The Hitman and the Tea Lady

Published at Fiction On The Web. Nobody had noticed the eyeball at the bottom of the coffee cup. Certainly not the man sitting opposite Halloram on the train. The man was reading the Financial Times over the top of his glasses, and when he’d sat down at… read more


Published in eHorror Magazine. The scream exploded through the studio. Jimmy winced, and quickly turned down the main volume. Every time, he thought. I get caught by mic feedback every single bloody time. And that insane whine was, to Jimmy, the single worst sound in… read more

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