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In this month’s update, s0mething big is going down…




WIN: A sneak peak at ZERO-G


Every citizen of Outer Earth (where TRACER takes place) gets a dogtag. It has their name, ID number and sector printed on it. When TRACER was released, Orbit Books had a very limited series of dogtags made up for competition winners, each with its own unique ID number. Right now, I’m putting together something extremely cool for diehard TRACER fans, including a sneak peak at the upcoming ZERO-G, that can only be accessed with one of those ID numbers. The dogtags may be gone, but I’ve got five extra ID numbers up for grabs. To win one, just reply to this mail (or tweet me @robboffard) with your favourite character from TRACER.





If you’ve only got five minutes…


This month I’ve been listening to: Fun and funky hip-hop from two ladies called Coda Conduct

Something I’m getting into: Pinterest! Been collecting some extremely cool art

What I’ve been reading: The Brothers Cabal, by Jonathan L. Howard, which is completely hysterical.

Someone I’ve enjoyed following on Twitter: Wired.co.uk editor Michael Rundle @michaelrundle

Best quote this month: “My inner critic doesn’t like getting up early so I get up before him.” – Marlon James, who just won the Man Booker Prize





The near death experience that created a tech millionaire


So a depressed real estate agent is driving home one night. Deer walks out into the road, he swerves, car rolls four and a half times. Doctors tell him he’s going to lose his left arm. One of the only things to survive the accident is his iPhone, and while he’s convalescing, a friend gives him a magazine article on how apps are taking over the world. His name is Chad Mureta, and I got to sit down with him and write about it for the BBC. It’s a hell of a story.





The one thing The Martian got very wrong

I’m kind of a Martian obsessive. I’ve read Andy Weir’s book at least three times. I love the science, love the characters, love that it still makes me laugh on the third go-around. If you haven’t read it, then you should be ashamed of yourself. It’s one of the best scifi debuts of all time, and the movie is ace. But it makes one really bizarre error that nobody seems to have picked up on…


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