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Download Crunch

Download Crunch, a free audiobook from scifi author Rob Boffard.

Welcome! Have a beer.

Well, not a beer. I’d love to, but I haven’t figured out to send them over the Internet yet.

Tell you what. Instead of a beer, how about a free audiobook? It’s a never-before-released project that I put together just for my newsletter subscribers, and I really hope you like it. It’s available to download for Android, iOS, and desktop – totally free.

It’s called CRUNCH. Here’s what it’s about.

Crunch audiobook by Rob Boffard

Crush Depth is not like any other games company. Every day, over a single hour, they create a massive, new, multiplayer online game from scratch. That hour is called Crunch, and the company – led by the enigmatic Henry December – has come to dominate the gaming world.

Daniela Swartz is one of Henry’s animators. She’s deeply loyal to Crush Depth, and would do anything for the company. But when she discovers evidence of corporate espionage, Daniela decides to investigate. And she’s about to find out that not everything at Crush Depth is what it appears to be…

Enjoy! Download instructions below. I’ll also be sending you a terrific weekly bursting with cool stuff, including additional short stories, bonus content, and deleted novel scenes. (I’ll never share your address with anyone, ever, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)


iOS Download (for iPhones)

Dropbox Link – Zipped M4A file

To get the file onto your iOS device, simply import it into iTunes on your desktop, or whatever your preferred media player is. When you sync your phone, the audiobook should be copied across just like any other music file. It should appear in your iBooks app under the Audiobooks tab, and it will also be available in your Music app. Like all audiobooks, it remembers where you left off, so you can easily stop listening and pick it up again later.

Android Download (for everything else)

Dropbox Link – Zipped M4B file

Getting an audiobook onto an Android device isn’t quite as easy as an iOS one, but it still works well. Use the same method as on iOS, importing the M4B file into your media player and then sync your phone. Most Android music players should be able to recognise an audiobook, and play it as such, but I recommend Doubletwist Classic Player, which has both desktop and mobile versions.

Desktop download (for PCs and Macs. Obviously)

Listening on desktop is easy. Just download either the M4A or M4B files above, and import them into your preferred media player. It should automatically be recognised as an audiobook.

Can I listen with the Audible app?

Nope. Sorry about that.

Audible do allow you to upload your own audiobook to this store, but they set the price, and they don’t allow freebies. I wanted this to be something anybody could get. Furthermore, they use their own proprietary file format which is incredibly difficult to convert to if you’re not using their software.

Don’t worry! You’ll still be able to listen to the book on the device and music player of your choice.


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