Hey there. I’m Rob. I like whiskey, space stations and rap music.

I’m a thirty-three-year-old science fiction author. Before doing that, I had a decade-long career as a freelance journalist slash gun-for-hire, interviewing mob bosses for The Guardian, chatting to members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and covering the marijuana industry in British Columbia. I’ve released multiple novels with Orbit Books, one of the world’s biggest scifi publishers. My short fiction has also appeared in several anthologies and collections. I like stories where things go boom.

I have terrible hair and lots of tattoos. I occasionally rap, and I have no sense of smell. No, really.

 Orbit Logo
 Orbit Books have been publishing science fiction and fantasy for over forty years. Their roster includes Greg Bear, Iain M. Banks, Joe Abercrombie, Ann Leckie, Peter F. Hamilton and more.