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Welcome to Outer Earth. 300 miles above the planet, a century after the Earth destroyed itself, this station holds all that remains of the human race.

Riley Hale is a tracer – a courier, carrying packages and messages from one part of the station to another. If you need something transported, Riley and her crew The Devil Dancers will get it there – and they’ll get it there fast.

But being a tracer is dangerous work. And when Riley is ambushed by a criminal gang, she accidentally gets a look at her cargo – and it sets off a chain of events that will sweep her and her crew into a deadly conspiracy that could destroy Outer Earth…

TRACER is out now.

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Riley Hale is slowly putting her life back together.

She’s no longer a tracer. She’s a cop, the newest member of Outer Earth’s law enforcement team. She’s moved in with her partner, Prakesh, and is doing everything she can put to the events of TRACER behind her.

But there’s someone out there who won’t let her. He wants a dangerous prisoner broken out of jail, and he’s going to get Riley to do it. By any means necessary. And when a deadly virus outbreak throws the station into lockdown, Riley’s mission gets a whole lot tougher…

ZERO-G is out now.

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In the unbelievable conclusion to the Outer Earth trilogy, Riley Hale finds herself alone, separated from her friends, and set on revenge. She’s going to go through hell to get it – and if she survives, it’ll change her forever…

IMPACT is out now.

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Explore the ruined corridors and grimy galleries of Outer Earth through new sets of eyes in four killer short stories, each from the point of view of one of Riley’s allies.

Hang out with Riley’s crew leader Amira as she battles her demons…with the help of someone rather unusual. Listen to Aaron Carver tell you about the time he built a grappling hook. Relive the insane tale of how Yao Shen and Kevin O’Connell became The Twins…and watch as Sam Royo embarks on an investigation that would challenge even the most hardcore police officer…

ECHOES is out now.

Hey there. I’m Rob. I like whiskey, space stations and rap music.

I’m a thirty-two-year-old science fiction author. Before I started doing that, I had a decade-long career as a freelance journalist slash gun-for-hire, interviewing mob bosses for The Guardian, chatting to members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and covering the marijuana industry in British Columbia. I’ve published three novels at a major SF house, plus two short story collections, and an audiobook.

I have terrible hair and lots of tattoos. I occasionally rap, and I have no sense of smell. No, really.

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