Author. Move like a lioness, punch like a cyborg.
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Find out more about South African scifi author Rob Boffard.

Author Rob Boffard (Photo by Diane Smithers -


Author. Tall. Basketball-player-length arms. Lots of tattoos. Glasses. Bad hair. Penchant for destructive head injuries (to himself, not others).

Wrote the Outer Earth series (Tracer, Zero-G, Impact, Echoes 2015-2016). Wrote Adrift (2018). Published by Orbit Books. Multiple short story collections and anthologies. Repped by Ed Wilson, Johnson & Alcock.

Proud South African. Born in Johannesburg. Splits time between London and Vancouver. Digs New York. Doesn’t dig Vegas. Loves New Orleans.

Permanently lost sense of smell at age four, after falling out of a tree in Zimbabwe. Sometimes raps. The two are not actually related. Maybe.

Likes Vietnamese food. Snowboarding. High-end headphones. Reading. Hip-hop. The Chicago Bulls. Breaking Bad. Brooklyn 99. Passport stamps. Terrible jokes. Good cigars. Good whiskey.

Amazingly, managed to get married to NixTheCreative.

Has a dog called Tundra, who eats his own poop.

Former journalist. The Guardian. Wired Magazine. The BBC. IO9. Huck Magazine. Noisey. Boat Magazine. Many more. Award winner. Dumb question asker. Editor botherer. Source finder. Wrongs righted. Justice dealt.

(Pic by Diane Smithers)